Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tuesday 10th May

I’m going to shut down the PC early and carry on reading the competition entries. I’ve managed to get two decent short stories finished already this week so that means from tomorrow I can switch to something else.
I’ve had visits from 2 salesmen today. I need blinds fitted in the conservatory roof as it gets too hot to use when it’s sunny. I had no idea how expensive it would be, so much so I’ve just called the people who made the conservatory to ask them to quote to put a window in the roof.
I’m due a decent payment from the photo agency on Thursday. I had hoped to use it to go away, I haven’t had a holiday for too long. I don’t really want to have to put it towards the conservatory.
Tonight, courtesy of free tickets courtesy of Heydays, I’m going to the west Yorkshire Playhouse to see ‘Tis Pity she’s a whore’. I’d go to the theatre every week if I could afford it.
All’s quiet as regards Mum. I thought I’d get some response to all the letters I sent but so far, nothing’s happened. It’s odd that she doesn’t call me as much anymore, but I guess I should be grateful. Now I’m not getting all those interruptions, it’s easier to write.

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