Thursday, 26 May 2011

Eating cake

It’s been another hard day. I managed to do the lessons for my two writing course pupils but it was a struggle. After lunch I went to the crossword class where we managed to polish off four cryptics in just over an hour. I came home via the optician where I collected my new glasses. I only use them for the theatre so they won’t get a lot of use. I went for the cheapest I could find. I called in at the greengrocer who had 4 small punnets of raspberries for £1. Such great value.
Again I fancied some time in the garden but again the weather has other ideas. Sudden heavy showers all the time. At least the rain will swell the strawberries, although it’s not going to help ripen them. .
The latest Fiction Feast arrived dated July! I have a story in it but it’s only a one pager which isn’t great. The postman also delivered a Spikethecat science fiction anthology which I have a story in. I thought it was never going to be published. It was supposed to be ready months ago.
I called the care home today to see how Mum was getting on. They told me she gets upset when Denis visits but has forgotten all about it minutes later. I can’t see the point of going all the way to Exeter to upset her (and me). I thought of speaking to Mum on the phone, but I wouldn’t know how to cope if she became upset. They seem to be looking after her very well – chiropodist, hairdressers and so on.
I’m seeing a counsellor tomorrow morning. Hopefully that will help me see things more clearly.
After playing on the Wii the other day, I ache something rotten. I’m sure it’s because I’m feeling so down. Everything is such an enormous effort at the moment, except eating cakes of course. That I can do.

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