Saturday, 21 May 2011

saturday 21st May

I’ve been working so hard today I really am exhausted.
I started with two hours writing, then did some more work on the bathroom. As I battled to put up the edging tiles without getting grout all over my nice new wallpaper, which has a BLACK background, I began to have that all too familiar sinking feeling, wondering why on earth I started the job. After a struggle and several rethinks, one wall is now done, except for the grouting. At least the other walls aren’t black.
The next 2 pieces of paper are both awkward ones. I simply couldn’t face doing any more so I went back to the writing. I’ve ended up with 2 stories at the second draft stage. Next I wrote a letter of complaint to Devon Social Services about the way they’ve treated me. I know I’ve walked away, but I owe it to anybody else in a similar situation as me to casue a fuss.
After posting that letter, I  went into the garden. I haven’t done much out there lately thanks to the weather and the state I’ve been in. There’s so much to do. I spent about an hour planting out some more beans, and then some tomatoes cucumbers and more courgettes, then put in some other plants that needed doing. Then I had to water everything in case it didn’t rain. I think it will, but there’s no point risking it.
I was going to carry on working on the computer after I’ve had a bath and something to eat, but I’ve decided against. I have a couple of ideas I want to try and flesh out instead.
I scored a blank at the speed dating. 2 men chose me, but I hadn’t picked either of them. The one I really liked obviously didn’t find me as fascinating as I did him. 
I wish they did one for people over fifty, but they don’t. When the next one comes along, I’ll be too old.
I really really would like somebody  to love, if not that then somebody to go to the theatre with or even on holiday with (separate rooms of course). 

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