Thursday, 19 May 2011

Getting on with things, slowly.

Although I feel better having made the decision not to fight Social Services for Deputyship over Mum’s affairs, I still feel pretty bushed. I’m going to have to take it easy, work wise, for a few days to allow myself to recover.
Today I sent ‘my story’ to a magazine to see if they were interested in featuring it. I really don’t want other people to be hurt the way Social Services have hurt me. I still can't accept the fact  that they didn't even notify th4e Home of my contact details when I'm Mum's next of kin. 
Apart from that, all I’ve done is go to my cryptic crossword class, and then to the optician for an eye test. 
I really don’t want to go out tonight but I need to force myself. I’ve never tried speed dating so it will be good research, but if I’m honest, I’d much rather crash out on the sofa or work in the garden.

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