Sunday, 22 May 2011

I carried on with the bathroom for much of the morning. Very fiddly papering round a window, then putting up more tiles and grouting the ones from yesterday. So far it looks great but I'm not going to do the rest yet. I need to get my energy levels back up.
After that, I worked on a couple of stories but they really aren’t flowing at all well so I’ll put them to one side and come back to them tomorrow or Tuesday. Very very windy. So bad my (plastic)frame took off so I had to put it in the shed. Overall not much achieved. I was meant to be staying overnight in Harrogate tonight to attend a wedding reception but in the end I cancelled. I don’t know if it’s stress but my left leg has been playing up so I wouldn’t be able to dance. I don’t know the woman very well who’s getting married so I won’t be missed. 
I’d like to be able to get to the writers club tomorrow night. Right now, although I’m feeling very lonely, at the same time too many social events wear me out. Sometimes I think I should give up looking for love and just accept the fact it’s not going to happen, get myself three dogs and lock myself away, and avoid people altogether. 
Tomorrow the lady from the council is meant to be coiming to see about getting me licensed for dog boarding. I don't know why but that makes me feel nervous as hell. 


  1. Linda
    Sorry to hear that you are feeling fed up. I'm no agony aunt but my advice, for what it's worth, would be to find some good friends and not worry to much about finding love for now. Love and come and go - and cause heartache - but friends are always there for you. And if you're feeling happier about yourself and life, then that's when love, quite unexpectedly, might come round the corner... all the best Helen x

  2. Sorry about the spelling mistakes in that last post! I didn't get chance to edit it before it was posted. How embarrassing! It should, of course, read "worry too much about finding love for now. Love can come and go....."

  3. Thanks, Helen
    That's good advice, but I don't make friends easily. People say I bristle! Or come over as too confident which is the last thing I am.
    I'm going to push myself to keep trying different things and hope that I will find some new friends that way. June will be better (if I get the dog boarding licence!)as I have a couple of bookings. It's much harder to feel down when there's a dog in the house.