Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Late frost warning

I’ve spent most of the day working. First I wrote my column for Writers Forum, then I typed up two of the stories that I drafted yesterday. I was happy with one of them so I’ve printed it off ready to post tomorrow. Carole, who runs Pampered Pets called to see if I was interested in taking a Yorkshire terrier just for one night, so I said yes, I’d have a look at her. Such a sweet little thing.. You would never have known she was thirteen. Apparently she needs to ‘go’ in the night, so if she comes to me, I won’t get much sleep but it’s only one night. Her owner seemed very uptight and cautious – he wants to check all Carole’s documents before deciding.
Having planted out lots of vegetables yesterday, I’ve now heard there may be a frost tonight so had to dash out to buy some cloches. The ones I hadn’t planted, I’ve bought indoors and put them in the conservatory. 
The other thing I did today was chase the solicitor who still hasn’t replied to the email I sent at Easter. 
He’s probably been away, enjoying himself, but it would have been nice if he had told me. I really do want a reply, then I can send letters to everyone involved, telling them how it is, and that it’s not my fault that I’m unable to register the EPA.

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