Friday, 20 May 2011

Trying new things

The speed dating was good fun but slightly nerve racking  I didn’t expect everyone to be mixing in the bar beforehand! I stayed in a corner until the event started.
I met 11 men, spending three minutes with each one. I had no idea it would be so tiring. You really have to concentrate to remember who’s who. In the end I ticked four names, one of whom I can remember nothing about. There was one man I really liked. He was an architect called Jon. I haven’t heard yet whether any of the four I chose also picked me, but I very much doubt it. I was the oldest woman there and some of the others were really attractive and very well presented, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve been wanting to try it for ages and now I have. Hopefully I can use it in a story. The session finished just as my train was due to leave so rather than hang about the station for an hour, I treated myself to a taxi ride home. Very naughty!
This morning I started work on the next column for Writers Forum which is going to cover everything from the NAWG pumpkin competition to Christmas. Then I went out for a break to a new art class. I love art. It’s very relaxing for me, but I never make time to do it at home which is daft. We used white chalk on black paper to make a picture of part of a horse. I was really pleased with the result.That's two new things I've tried in two days which is great. 
I came home to another request for a critique which was good. I always enjoy doing those. 
It’s just gone half past six now. The plan is to wash up, then think about putting some wallpaper up in the bathroom. Or I could just collapse in a heap…..

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