Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bank Holiday

I have a busy day tomorrow so wanted to get some relaxing done today. I had a bit of a lie in for the first time in weeks, caught up on my emails, watered the pots and cloches in the garden, then  watched the Grand Prix. After that I did some work. Finally managed to get a story finished that I’ve been working on for ages. Still not sure it’s good enough, but I reached the point where I wanted to get rid of it. If TAB don’t buy it, I’ll think about rewriting it then.
Today, I finally got the news that the new NAWG competition is being launched. I put off running my own competition so that I could help them organise theirs and was starting to think it isn’t going to happen. When I get back from London, I’ll have to start thinking of places to publicise it, preferably free.
It’s a shame the weather’s not looking good for my trip, but then it IS a Bank Holiday weekend.

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