Saturday, 28 May 2011

Stil Not Writing Well

I started the day with four hours in the bathroom, tricky wallpapering and edge tiles. I didn’t even stop for a cup of tea, just kept going until I’d done as much as I wanted. Now I’ll be able to get it finished next weekend. What I’ve done so far looks amazing. I might not be able to write right now, but I can still hang wallpaper like the best of them.
After that, I took an hour for lunch then went back to work, looking for stories to send to Yours. I found two Christmas stories which I sent by email. Then I found a story for a Writers News (Holiday story) competition which needed its word count adjusting, so I did that and printed it ready to send off. Then I had a go at the Yorkshire Post cryptic crossword and managed to complete it for once. 
Now I’m going to do next to nothing.

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  1. Hello,
    Just stopping by! I read your column in Writers' Forum. I enjoy reading it.