Thursday, 5 May 2011


Thursday is, technically, one of my days off but I decided to do some work this morning instead.
I finished another story which I posted on my way back from voting.
After the crossword class, I spent a few hours in the garden, sorting out some pots and putting some more plants in. As I watered the plants I’d just put in, I prayed for rain, and bingo, it rained. Not nearly enough though. I hope we get some more, preferably overnight, then my water butts will get a bit of a top up. I was busy, at the end of the garden when Carole from the pet sitting agency called to tell me I wouldn’t be looking after the Yorkshire terrier who came to see me a couple of days ago. He wanted to see all Carole’s insurance and other paperwork which she keeps in the office. There was a bit of a row and a few words exchanged. Now he’s going to contact the Council and make a complaint. I know people need to be careful these days, but he’d met me (apparently I was OK) and seen that  the garden was secure. As the poor little dog would only have been staying for one night, I would have thought he could have been a bit more relaxed and not lost his temper. Looking on the bright side, I won’t have to get up in the night to let the dog out. Maybe I can make that trip to Manchester I’ve been putting off. I’ll have to see.
Having spent ages talking to people at NAWG yesterday, I’ve also had to spend ages answering their queries and coming up with a possible entry form, rules and so on.
I chickened out re calling my solicitor and sent him a letter instead. Hopefully he’ll answer that and I’ll know where I stand. .

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