Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another Bank Holiday weekend

In the morning I went to Wetherby Race Course to look at the boot sale. I came away with a few plants, and a snake brooch.  We came home via Morrisons as I needed the loo, so was able to buy some meat to freeze. For me, their meat selection is far superior to any of the other, local, supermarkets.
I was going to put the plants in, but the wind ruined that plan. I decided to spend most of the day working on the book about Mum. I haven’t do0ne much work on it this week, as  I’ve been in two minds about whether to continue writing it.
When I was looking for something else entirely, I came across an old diary from 1996. There are only a couple of lines for each day and they’re mainly written in note form, some of which I can’t read, but it was still interesting, if depressing reading. I found mention of many incidents when Mum played up, caused trouble, complained or told out and out lies about me to gain sympathy. Reading the diary has been a great help.
Things were as bad as I remembered. I have to finish the book, even if the only people who get to see it are social workers and my aunts.

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  1. Ive been wanting to get out my garden for the last few days...but the wind!

    You must carry on with your book, you've got this far, don't stop now. xx