Sunday, 21 October 2012 competition closes soon

Blackpool has changed since I was last there, and not for the better. I had planned to ride up and down on the trams, getting on and off as and when I liked to look at the lights, only the lovely old trams have GONE. They’ve been replaced by horrible bendy bus–like things that don’t even look like trams. Apparently it’s all down to the EU.
Overall, I wish I hadn’t bothered going. It was a lot busier than I expected, but at least I’ve been now and don’t have to return. The hotel was glorious. Ash Lodge, Hornby Road. A Victorian house with all kinds of wonderful original features included stained glass windows. I’d happily stay there again although I have to say I didn’t get much sleep. Probably because I was too tired. Funny how that happens sometimes. .
I didn’t even see the lights. I walked far too far on the Friday afternoon. By the time it was getting dark, I was worn out! Pathetic or what? The highlight for me was Central Pier where I had a go at ten pin bowling and some other daft games. Great fun.
I got back yesterday lunch time to the first delivery of stories from the NAWG competition. There haven’t been that many entries yet so if you fancy a go, visit for details. Don’t forget to give me a strong character and make me believe in them.

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