Monday, 29 October 2012

Somebody's interested in the house, maybe...

Somebody is coming to view the house, but not until Saturday which is frustrating.
I’ve told the estate agent that I don’t want to complete on the purchase of the other house until I have a buyer for this one. At least that takes the pressure off.
I’m still waiting for the house in Exeter to complete. I confess I will be mightily relieved when that happens.
Writing–wise, I had a couple of email assignments to do for the Writers Bureau. The only other thing I’ve done is red the stories sent to me by people coming to my short story course in November. The plan is to give them written feedback when they arrive so that they have time to ask any resulting questions during the course.
Woody, the dachshund does not like it when I type so I’m going to stop now and do some more reading with a few to finding the next idea for a story.


  1. Gosh! If Woody doesn't like it when you type on a computer keyboard (which is fairly quiet), imagine how he'd react if you were using an electric typewriter (noisy) or bashing away on an old sit-up-and-beg manual typewriter.

    Good luck with all the house selling/buying stuff. x

    1. What he doesn't like is me ignoring him! He's very needy but then that's probably why I love him.