Monday, 8 October 2012

Back from the seaside

I came back from Scarborough yesterday having had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER. 
The weather  was brilliant. I spent time with two friends, and…….. I wrote four stories. I have no idea how good they are yet as I’ve only done the first hand–written draft, but I’m so relieved that I’ve managed to write anything as it’s been months.
While I was away I kept seeing Scarborough on the news. It’s such a shame that a lovely town should be suffering just because somebody used to live there. I hope it doesn’t put people off going.
As I walked along the seafront, I could almost feel myself getting better. The sound of waves has always soothed me.
I love ice cream. It’s my favourite comfort food. I was delighted to find so many different shops selling so many different kinds. I had a different one each day. Delicious.
Today, it’s back to work. I have  loads of emails to deal with and jobs I need to catch up on before I can even think about typing up those new stories. I sacked the estate agent this morning. I gave them so many chances to get it right but today, the wrong EPC was still on the web site. As the Exeter sale seems to be ticking along and the lady I’m buying form has also found somewhere, I need to make sure I have the best chance of selling this house too.


  1. The sea air has done you good. Maybe you should consider a place at the coast. My motto is Keep Calm and go to the Beach.

  2. Who used to live in Scarborough then? x

  3. Four stories! I have spent the best part of a week struggling over one!

  4. Linda - That's great news! I'm so glad you've had a chance to relax, eat icecream and write. Maybe 'L' is right and you should think of getting a home by the sea.

    Rae - I think Linda is referring to a certain ex-Bevin Boy, deejay who could 'Fix It'.

  5. Oh, I see. Yes, it is a shame as Scarborough is a lovely place - still best not entertain the negatives.