Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The times they are a changing

I spent yesterday evening with my ex, John, trying to sort out what I wanted to do with my life from now on. It was very useful!
One immediate result is that I want to go back to being a short story writer and forget about bad things, so…..
From now on this blog will be about my writing life or things connected with it. If I lose that focus, complain, loudly, as it’s for my own good.
For the next ten days I have Woody and Snoopy here, two of my favourite dogs. This time the plan is to come up with a filler or two featuring them.
One of my writing pupils just emailed to say she has a letter in Yours magazine and has received a £10 High Street voucher after following the advice in my book on fillers – How to make £10 in ten minutes (available on Kindle or from my web site which is at
I’ve been very happy with the way the book is selling. Byker books put the e version on sale for me and it’s sold more than 600 copies so if anyone’s looking for a Christmas present that’s that bit different, why not buy a copy or 2?
I find it hard promoting my own work but I know this book is a winner which makes it a tiny bit easier.
Due to the altered nature of this blog, and the demise of my column in Writers Forum, I would welcome any questions or queries about writing so that I have something to talk about! Over to you….. 

PS Don't forget to enter the NAWG short story competition which I'm judging. Give me a decent character rather than a complicated plot and you'll probably make the shortlist at least. 


  1. Hi Linda. Glad you've got the writing bug again. Don't leave out your everyday stuff completely, though - that's what makes your blog different from the other 'writing' blogs.

  2. New hairstyle, new blogstyle - the times they are indeed a changin'

  3. Good luck with the new direction, Linda! Focus is always a good thing.

    And thanks for the reminder about NAWG - I will do my best to get an entry in on time. Having picked up a shortlisting last year it'll be good to try to improve on that...