Friday, 26 October 2012

Wearing my tutor's hat

Today I’ve been wearing my Writers Bureau hat. When I get assignments in the mail I only have 48 hours to deal with them, so rather than risk being late, I prefer to get stuck into them at once. I had five today, plus some email ones, so apart from that, and playing with the dogs, I won’t have time for much else.

I’m going out tonight. Going to a meal with Leeds Savages ( They’re a writing and artists group, mostly younger people (than me anyway) with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I joined when I first got to Leeds but have hardly made any meetings so tonight will be a bit daunting, but worth the effort (I hope). In case anyone’s worried, when I go out, I get my ex to come round and keep an eye on the dogs. In exchange he gets to use my garage. I’m writing this mid afternoon as I know I won’t get a chance this evening.

I haven’t even looked at my emails yet.

On a different note entirely, still zero interest in the house. Nobody. Nothing. Anybody else having similar problems????

I could also use some feedback on the best dating site to use. I need some company before I go even madder (is that even a word?)

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