Saturday, 27 October 2012

Day off

I could have gone to a ghost story workshop today at the Writers Circle, but decided against due to having been out last night and also, wanting to maximise time with the dogs. I’m glad I didn’t go as the file of paperwork from the solicitor arrived. As usual, the emotional pain affected me so I was glad John was here (he’d sold  car on eBay which has been living in my drive). Glad too that I didn’t go to the workshop and come home to find that in the mail. I’ve been through it, seen what they had, basically a handwritten letter from my mother saying that she didn’t want me to have a copy of the power of attorney. Conclusion, the solicitor did have instructions from her but they were well after the time when she was no longer capable to making decisions. I’ve written to them, outlining the mistakes that were made (ie believing her ‘carer’ and not bothering to check anything with me) and asking them to say sorry (over the phone will do, being solicitors, they won’t want to admit anything in writing. I don’t know why I need this, but I do.
I’ve already posted the letter so it’s out of the way.
I had a very good time last night with Leeds Savages, more laughs and interesting conversation that I’ve ever had at a Leeds Writers meeting. I find that rather sad.
I’ve just come back from a walk in Temple Newsam with the dogs and have decided that apart from the odd email, this is a day off.
 Strictly and a Wasgij are calling.

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