Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Running out of steam

It hasn’t been a hard day by any means but I still feel bushed. . 
I reached the end of my back catalogue so that’s done. Of course, I will have to work through the list over the next year or so, sending the stories out but at least now I know which ones are to end up going where. They’ll all need tweeking to some degree. Some a lot more than others. 
That’s the thing about writing. It’s not always about the creative bit, there’s the editing, adding or taking words away to suit a market, changing different aspects to suit a magazine’s style and so on.
This can be hard work unless, like me, you’re trying to sell a story when it’s simply part of the job. If I hadn’t edited, changed, and generally reworked stories, I would never have managed to get accepted by The People’s Friend. They don’t pay as well as some of theothers, but with markets few in number, they can’t be ignored.having not managed to sell them anything before, after trying for ten years, I've now sold them 6 this year so I'm quite pleased about that.
I went to East Leeds Writers this afternoon where the subjects were a letter to Leeds, and home. Both led to factual, true pieces of writing which I’d rather avoid at the moment but at least the sun came out!
I don’t seem to have much energy right now. Of course that could have something to do with it being another fast day/ I’ll be glad when I hit my target weight. As soon as that happens, I’m going to drop the 500 calorie limit and double it to 1000. I reckon two days a week doing that will allow me to stabilise. That’s the plan anyway. Right now, I could murder a biscuit, an entire cake, an ice cream or at least a lovely cup of hot chocolate but I’ve had my 500 calories so all I can have is a glass of water.

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