Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A sale always helps

Having a better day.
Made a sale to The People’s Friend. Also, My Weekly have asked me to cut a story from 2500 to 2000 words so that’s a possible future sale too.
Spent the afternoon with Raffy’s owner, Elizabeth. She has an amazing house, full of wonderful items, like an exotic museum only bright and airy and fascinating. She has so much talent too, makes rugs, even designed her own conservatory. 
We went for a walk with the dog, through the nearby woods. Boy was it muddy. I was a bit worried in case I fell flat on my back, but managed to stay upright (I’m going away for the weekend and a twisted ankle is not on my packing list)
Tonight, the first people came to view the house. Basically they have to decide whether to pay a bit more and have less to do, or pay less and do more work. They’re keen on gardening so fingers crossed. 
The house was looking better than it has in ages as I finally finished the paper hanging in my bedroom. I’m annoyed that it’s taken me until I want to move before I got round to it, but  that the fact that I hadn’t bothered just shows how little care I’ve been taking of the house, the garden (and  me).
I’ve almost done the packing for Scarborough. All that’s left is to sort out some story starting points, a pad and some pens so that IF I decide to start writing, I’ll have what I need.
I’ve realised that since Mum died, the things I’ve stopped doing are the things I most enjoy (listening to loud music, singing, playing the piano, painting etc etc. I always enjoyed writing stories, before I climbed on the Fiction Feast treadmill. I’m hoping I can allow myself to get back to writing the kind of stories I enjoy reading (more Woman’s Weekly than TAB). Anyway, that’s the plan and one day, soon, it will all come together. It has to because right now, I have hardly any money coming in.

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