Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Poetry corner

I’ve had a wobble today. I thought I was going to the solicitor to sign and that would be it, house sold, but the buyers also sent a great long list of queries, some of which were impossible to answer as I’ve never lived in Mum’s house.
I came out feeling upset when there really was no need. It’s like I’m overflowing with emotions and it takes hardly anything to tip me over the edge.
I’m finding comfort in a friend’s poetry, I read his work over and over again as it really touches me. He’s given me permission to share some of his poems so here goes.

LOVE by David Agnew from his collection entitled WALKING INTO ETERNITY .

There is love
There is fear
There is nothing else.

I can live in love
I can live in fear.
There is nothing else

I can choose love
I can choose fear.
There is nothing else

Help me choose love


When my mood is right
            I can achieve
            Anything I decide

When my mood is wrong
            I am a pain
            In my own backside.

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