Monday, 15 October 2012

Feeling better

I’m getting better, every day, but I’m going to take it slowly as I don’t want to slip back down. Providing I get one or two things done each day, it doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, that’s OK. I’m having to learn how to be nice to me.
I had a great time yesterday with Leeds Savages ( It made a change to mix with younger people who were enjoying their writing so much, rather than the incredibly staid atmosphere at Leeds Writers Circle (no, I’m not going to the meeting tonight).
Tomorrow I have to go to the solicitor to sign the contract to sell the Exeter house. With any luck, that means it will complete soon. I also have the new estate agent coming round on Thursday, weather permitting, to take photos of this house so it can go on the market from the 22nd when the agreement with the other one expires.
I’ve almost finished going through my back catalogue of fiction. Only another 50 or so to look at. THEN, I’ll have to get on with writing up the stories I drafted in Scarborough. I’m both excited to see how they turn out and just a tiny bit scared (OK, quite a lot scared.)
Thanks to all those of you who pointed out yet another one of my typos cot instead of coat. Sadly, I have no need for a cot, unless I want to use it as a planter!
Just reworking two stories to send to The People’s Friend, then it will be time for a break.  

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