Friday, 12 October 2012

Fasting not feasting

I feel calmer today, which I hope means I’ve made the right decision about letting sleeping dogs lie.
I also decided which estate agent to go for. In the end being asked to pay a fee up front put me off my first choice. I’ve signed up with a different one for four weeks from the 22nd  so I can always change again.
I’m on one of my fast days today. I still find them very hard (I’m allowed 500 calories). Not eating much drains my energy levels a bit but it will be worth it as it definitely works. Once I’m at the weight I want, I’ll be able to keep it steady just by eating sensibly – that’s the plan anyway.
I made a list of three jobs I wanted to get done today and managed them all, plus a couple more, so that was good. I also booked an overnight stay in Blackpool as I want to see the lights. It’s meant to be a special display this year as it’s an anniversary. I’m going on the train as it’s easy from Crossgates.
My royalties cheque from Byker books arrived this morning. My little book about writing fillers is doing well! I thought it might as it IS rather good, even if I say so myself.
Tomorrow morning I’m making a return trip to the hairdressers in town, after which I plan to go to Debenhams to see if I can find a coat. I haven’t bought a decent coat, new, for, well I honestly can’t remember, it’s been decades. I can‘t wear wool which cuts down the choice, but hopefully I’ll find something.

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  1. How did the shopping spree go? Are you the type of person who takes of the price tags and wears the item of clothing as soon as you've paid or the type who saves the item to wear for it's debut on "an occasion"? Will I get to see the coat and the new hairdo at the Writing Group on Wednesday?