Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dumped by Writers Forum

It’s been a mixed bag of a day.
My Weekly sent a copy (date 23/10) which has my Halloween story inside. The idea was inspired by the NAWG last line competition (where the last line was about a pumpkin) which I judged in 2011.
I still had Writers Bureau assignments to mark T(they take me ages to do) so I carried on with that, then I also had an email from Writers Forum to say they are dropping my column, Short Story Success. It feels like a massive blow. The problem is, I can understand why. For the past year I’ve hardly been a model of short story success, being as I haven’t written anything new. I’ve asked him to reconsider but I feel it’s unlikely. It’s a shame as I’ve just started to get back into writing again.
Right now, the only thing I want is for the house sale in Exeter to complete. I’m sure that when that’s finally over and I can draw a line under the whole business and never have to think about going back to Exeter ever again, I’ll feel a huge sense of relief and stop feeling so blasted tired.
I now have a new estate agent (as from Monday) but still no bookings for viewings. This is such a nice house, I don’t understand it, and NO, I don’t want to stay here.

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  1. I believe that everything happens for a reason, although it may not be clear to you yet.