Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Moving forward

I’ve had a good day.
I sent my first two new stories to Woman’s Weekly, marked three Writers Bureau assignments, spent an hour in the garden doing a general tidy up, been to the shops to buy veg, and made a rhubarb crumble.
Not so great was the news that the people buying Mum’s house haven’t approved the paperwork yet but today, that didn’t get me down as much as it might have done. I’ve also heard from Byker books saying he wants to publish another of my writers guides as the one of fillers (How to make £10 in ten minutes) and the one on why short stories are rejected are selling well. I came up with an idea and sent it back to him. Now all I have to do is write it.
I have lots to do. Any day now the NAWG entries will arrive. I have no idea how many will want critiques, but there’s bound to be quite a few. plus I still have to finalise things for the November course, write more stories, keep up with Writers Bureau work AND write another guide. It’s great to be busy, it’s even better to feel positive. All I need to do now is pray one or both those new stories finds a buyer, then I can relax knowing that this black hole I’ve been sitting in has gone.

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