Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Something to think about

Depressed people are very annoying.
We give them advice, we offer all kinds of suggestions, tell them to call us, or drop round, and what do they do? Nothing. 
Only that’s not true. We think thoughts. Eventually, if enough people keep showing they care, over and over and over again, we will climb out of our black pit. The trouble is, people don’t have the patience. And who can blame them? When I’m down I’m no fun. I wouldn’t want me as company so why should anybody else? It’s easy to be patient with a child or a puppy when they make the same mistakes. We know they will learn, eventually, but a grown up, that’s different. Especially when on the surface, they don’t appear to have any problems, at least, nothing major (we all have problems).
This isn’t about me. I’ve been here before. I’ll get through, somehow, given enough time. It’s about all those other people.  People you’ve thought about calling, but the last time you did, they were so down and so fed up, you came away wondering why you’d bothered. I’m just saying this. You bothered because you cared, so keep caring. Give them a call. Go and see them. Make the effort. It will be worth it. In the end.

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