Thursday, 18 October 2012

Plaes to go, people to see

I started work on my column today but didn’t quite finish it, so I will leave it to stew until Sunday. 
Tonight, I’m going to see Calendar Girls as a friend has a small part in the production. I've wanted to go and see her act for ages, but didn't feel up to it.
Then tomorrow, it’s a train ride to Blackpool to see the lights. It’s been 100 years since they first had illuminations (if I'd been in short story writing mode I would have written a story ruodn that fact) so I have no idea whether it will be different from last time I went, but I like Blackpool so who cares? So long as I can have chips and ice crea, I'm happy. I’m taking some ideas with me tomorrow so that if I can nab a table seat, I might try to write a story on the train. It’s a relief to find that thinking about writing fiction no longer feels as scary as it did.
I popped into a charity shop on my way to crossword class and bought a coat. It’s M and S, black with detachable, fake fur collar. It’s the right length too. It’s not ideal but I figure now that I’ve bought a coat, the right one is bound to turn up., then all I have to do is take this one back to the charity shop.
I had the new estate agent round to measure up and take photos. She seemed very nice and took some great pictures of the garden. I said I was almost tempted to stay here, but I was joking. Can’t wait to see if changing agents does the trick. The house is due to go on sale with them on Monday. Please let somebody fall in love with garden, the way I did, three years ago.

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