Thursday, 25 October 2012

Back to work, hooray!

Today I’ve typed up two of those stories I wrote when I went to Scarborough. It felt wonderful to be back to work at last.
I’m not sure having Woody (min dachshund) and Snoopy (demented Labrador with no brain whatsoever) here has helped as Woody will insist on climbing on to  my lap when I start typing, but whatever it is, I’m so relived it’s happened.
I’m not sure how good the stories will be when they’re finished as I’m probably a bit rusty after so long away from fiction. I’ll have to wait and see. The thing I must do is take my time.
For years I’ve given other writes advice about putting stories to one side for a couple of weeks, then checking through them again, but haven’t done it myself. Now I need to start following my own advice. For me to feel back in the saddle, those first stories need to do well or my thin veneer of confidence might crack.
I had to go the solicitor again this morning.  He’s having to write a statement for me to swear saying that the right of way over Mum’s garden has never been a problem (which it hasn’t) and then I also have to pay for an indemnity policy to cover for any possible future problems. What annoys me is this – why didn’t this come up when Mum bought the house in 1994? The solicitor should have dealt with it then. Guess who the solicitor was? The same one who’s caused me so much trouble over the past couple of years.
I’m not that bothered. I’m sure the sale will go through, it’s just taking extra time and money when all I want is for it to be over.
I’d been wavering about going ahead with buying another house as I’ve had zilch interest in this one, but I realise now that was just panic setting in. Providing I’m back in the writing groove, and can start earning money again, I’ll be fine, which brings me back to those new stories. I need to make sure they’re as good as I can make them….

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  1. I'm glad to see that you are writing again, and am about to read your latest Hallowe'en story 'Pumpkin Surprise' in MW when I go to bed.

    Having read your last column in WF, I think I know where the editor was coming from re dropping your column. You've fallen on your own sword, I think, through being too honest, especially in your blog (which any editor or would-be employer can read, since it is public). Readers want a go out and get it person who is getting published to tell them how to write and market their short stories. You should have lied!

    Re the public blog - don't take all of the personal stuff out, leave enough in for human interest. However, you can make a private, invitation only blog, where you post your more personal thoughts. Doing that makes sure you can let it out, get friendly advice and also make sure editors don't see it! xxx