Thursday, 11 October 2012

Estate agents, solicitors and The People's Friend.

I seem to have run out of time again. Things I meant to do – not done., Other things, I had no intention of doing – done instead.
The People’s Friend rejected a story but left the possibility of a sale open if I made some changes, so that’s what I did .It’s going back in the post tomorrow.
I’m still trawling through my back catalogue. Today I’ve sent subs to My Weekly for their next annual, plus my usual monthly sub (I’m only allowed to send one story a month).
I’ve also found a story that might just do for the club’s ghost story competition.
Any minute now, the next estate agent is due to arrive, then I’ll have to decide who to go for.
I had a bit of a wobble this morning when I heard from Mum’s solicitor. It was the usual, we’ve got nothing to say fob off suggesting that if I have a problem I can go to the Ombudsman. The fact is, I’m not sure I want to. I feel so torn. Is it better to just walk away, and forget the whole thing, or try to make them admit they made mistakes and treated  me unfairly. Right now, I think I’d rather just close the book on that part of my life.
I guess I’ll decide, eventually.
Meanwhile, once the estate agent’s been, I’m going to see Steptoe and Son at the West Yorkshire Playhouse with my ex.
Hopefully it will be as good and as funny as the TV programme. I’m looking forward to it.

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