Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Putting things off

An estate agent came round this afternoon to give me their views on selling the house. She was so slick and smooth, I can’t quite decide whether  she’s good at what she does, an dis genuinely interested in people or whether she was acting. She certainly got me talking. I’ll have to wait and see what the one who’s coming round tomorrow is like.  
It’s a music quiz at Spice tonight. I’ve rather lost touch with modern music so anything from 1990 to now is going to be over my head. I really don’t feel like going but I’m well aware that I need to keep making an effort so I’ll have to force myself.
I’m still working my way through my stock of stories, making a list of which ones I can send to where. It’s not a fun job, tedious doesn’t come close, but once it’s done, it’s done. THEN I’ll have to look at the stories I wrote at the weekend and start editing and tidying them. THEN I’ll have to send them off. THEN and only then will I find out if I’m back in full working (short story writing) order.
No surprise that I’ve been putting it off…..
I did have a pleasant surprise today though. The Attendance ALlowance that Mum shoudl have been getting while she was in the home finally came through and it was rather more than I thought it would be. Just enough in fact to pay the stamp duty on the house I'm buying. 

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