Monday, 2 January 2012

Web sites and me

I contacted my publisher to wish him a Happy New Year and ask if he had any vague idea when my book would come out. He said February! I had no idea it would be that fast, so now I’m in slight panic mode. I have no bookings or events planned before May so need to think how or where or what I’m going to do for the launch. It’s also time to think about another web site. I alread have one courtesy of Weebly ( don't always update it as often as I perhaps should If only I was more into technology but fiddling about with things like web sites isn’t my favourite thing to do, not by a long chalk.
I have found a lady who’s willing to help me with the web site, but what to include/not include, and so on and so, I haven’t got a clue yet. Any ideas anyone?
The book is called THE WRITERS TREASURY OF IDEAS and is all about teaching yourself how to come up with ideas for fiction.
This afternoon, I went, with my lodger as he’s the one with the car, to collect Leah, the 11 year old Samoyed who’s staying with me until January 18th. I’m just a tiny bit worried how she’ll get along as last time she had the lovely Milo (the spaniel I fell for rather heavily) for company. She seems fine at the moment, more friendly than I remember her being. I’ll know more after tonight.
I started work yesterday, writing my next column (Short Story Success) for Writers Forum. It’s taken me a lot longer than usual as I’m feeling a bit unsure about my writing at the moment. I need to find a bit more confidence as I want to start writing short stories again soon.
The past few days have been mega quiet. Tomorrow, a new quiz based group starts at my local Good Neighbours group. I’ve said I’ll go along to the first one to show support as it must be dreadful to go to the bother of starting up a new group and having too few people turn up.
The next job on my list, once I’m happy with the column, is to get back to Saving The Inner Child. When that will happen I’m not sure. A lot depends on how Leah settles in.

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  1. Congrats on the book and all the best with everything else. I think you underestimate yourself. Think of how much you have already accomplished, believe in yourself more and it will all fall into place. :-)