Tuesday, 24 January 2012

First sale of the year - hooray!

Today is a dedicated short story day, so that’s what I’ve spent most of (not all) my time doing. The result is a story sent to Australia, 2 to The People’s friend, and one to The Weekly news. I also had to type up a poem that I wrote two days ago. It’s homework for the writing class at Heydays. The problem I have with poetry as I have no idea what’s good and what’s not. I’ll see what the tutor says tomorrow and depending on her reaction, think about entering it in the writers circle competition. I went for a walk round the sops this afternoon. I had a headache and hoped the fresh air might shift it. I bought a haggis for tomorrow plus a couple of things to try out on the mind games/quiz group I’ve been asked to take over on alternate Tuesday afternoons. One was Mastermind, the game from decades ago where you have to work out what colour pegs your opponent has lined up behind their wall. John, a.k.a. my lodger, went to an auction for me, to bid on a chair I wanted to go in my den. The one I had wasn’t comfortable enough. I’m also thinking ahead to when he leaves as he may want to take some of my furniture (which I’ll be happy to see the back of) with him. he ame back with change from £25. We’ll pick up the chairs on the way back from Heydays tomorrow morning. Just after six tonight, I had a call from Marion Clarke who chooses the short stories for Yours. She wanted to buy one of mine for the 2013 Yours annual. I was happy to say yes. So I have my first story sale of 2012 which is great. When I was out, I also bought a box of Mensa Mind Games, a mix of puzzles games and exercises so I’ll have a go at some of those tonight and see if any of them are suitable for the group. I’m a bit odd – I find quizzes and mental exercise (like cryptic crosswords) relaxing! Now for yet another quick reminder about tomorrow. I’m on THE CHASE. ITV1 5 – 6 p.m. It’s going to be excruciating watching myself squirm!

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