Thursday, 12 January 2012


It’s been a bitty day.
I sorted out the slides for the web site and took them into the shop to be put onto DVD. Found a story to send to My Weekly for January. Chased up the publisher to find out what’s happened to the e version of my novel.
Updated my web site so that my guide to writing fillers (hard copy) is for sale there.
Found a new writing pupil for whom I devised a questionnaire and 2 first lessons so that she can choose the one she wants to do.
Went to crossword class, then spent an hour after that class struggling with the one we didn’t get time for, and not getting very far.
Took another booking for my second favourite dog – Louis, who’s coming to stay in February too. That meant doing the paperwork (invoice, confirmation etc) as I don’t like to leave that waiting.
Work–wise, I now have a list of the things that I would like to do with the top three things highlighted.
The idea is to tackle those three, and only those three, until one or all of them are done. THEN I can add a new one to the list. This is meant to stop me doing a bit on several different stories, working on three books, competition entries, etc etc and never actually getting anything finished. I’m happy to say that, so far, it’s working.
I have nothing planned for the weekend which in some ways is a drag, but it does mean I should be able to get some work done. Last night’s quiz was disappointing. I was on a table with a couple I sat with the quiz before last, and another woman, with my back to everyone else, staring at the back of the bar. Nobody wanted to make conversation, only talking about the quiz questions. The moment it was over, zap, they disappeared, leaving me sitting by myself at the table. I put up with it for ten minutes then went and asked John if we could leave. He was chatting nineteen to the dozen, having a gay old time (I’m using the 19th century meaning of the word). I know I could have gone and sat at another table, but that’s something I find every hard to do. I might have a word with the organisers and see if they can keep an eye out for this kind of thing because if they’d introduced me to the people on another table, I would have been fine.
If you haven’t visited my web site recently, I’ve added another book for sale. It’s the hard copy of the filler writing guide that’s on Kindle. Sadly it’s a lot more expensive as a proper book, but I still think it’s well worth it (but then I would say that!).

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