Friday, 27 January 2012

Stressing out

Right now I feel like a pressure cooker that’s been left on the stove while everyone has gone out for the day. My lodger having not made much headway finding anywhere to rent, I went to a talk last night about how to get rich by investing in property. While I was there, it occurred to me that I might be able to buy a flat that John could rent, so I spent this morning looking into equity release from the house and the possibility of mortgages. Net result, not that good. There’s only one lender who might consider giving me a buy to let mortgage (my income is too variable plus I do my own accounts) , whilst equity release doesn’t give me as much money as I’d thought. I also need to know how equity release would affect my ability to sell the house should I want to. I.e. what are the costs of paying the money back early? To that end, an advisor is coming to see me next week. Then at least I’ll know what the downside is. Meanwhile John phoned one flat which is coming up for rent soon (guess who spotted the ad?) It sounds ideal. The owner is going to call tomorrow to arrange for him to view it. All I want right now is for John to go, then I can think straight and decide whether I want to go back into property or not. What I also need is to need on with some work without worrying about John’s problems. I’ve just said yes to one– to–one sessions at Swanwick, and earlier I said yes to having Leah back to stay as her owners have a family emergency. It sometime seems that however hard I try to plan my life and to get the important things done, fate has other ideas. Here’s a link to an online interview which I forgot to mention when it first went live (sorry Morgen) I’d like to thank everyone who’s been so kind about my appearance on The Chase. If yu missed it, it’s available to view on