Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Missing a day

I couldn’t blog yesterday for a number of reasons, mostly Mozilla was acting up, so I’m playing catch up now.
I spent most of the day working on the book and finding it very hard. Sometimes I can write a thousand words in no time at all. Yesterday, every word felt like a trudge through mud. I’m reworking parts of the book I wrote about my childhood to go into the new book. Since I went through this latest therapy, I can see things far more clearly regarding my parents’ treatment of me but the thing I see most clearly is how much I despised, hated and loathed myself. When I read about some of the things that happened, it’s as though they happened to somebody else. I want to scream and shout at old self, why did you put up with that? For goodness sake, why didn’t you do something? Why didn’t you leave home?
It was, frankly, quite upsetting but then I expected that it might be. I knew this book was going to be difficult to write because things that need to be said are often the most difficult to find the words for.
Last night was the gardening club’s first meet of the year and Graham Porter from radio Leeds came to talk about designing small gardens for which he charged £100. All he did was get us to draw sketches of eleven factors he suggested for maximising space. He hardly spoke at all. I wasn’t annoyed because it was a fun idea, just miffed because even if I’d had an idea like that, i.e. get the audience to do most of the work, I wouldn’t have the nerve to pull it off. that a – I hadn’t thought of something like that, and b, cross with myself because even if I had, I wouldn’t be able to do it because I worry about giving value for money.
Talking about value for money, Byker Books has released my guide to writing fillers on Kindle – HOW TO EARN £10 IN TEN MINUTES. Last time I checked it was for sale at 89 p so if you can spare the money, please buy a copy and leave a review.
I’ve been sent this code to get 25% off my Lulu books so if it’s of any interest, these are the details.

25% off any of my books
Coupon Code: LULUBOOKUK305
Coupon expires 31 January 2012
The web site is and my books can be found by searching under my name. If you want to buy one, do check that they aren’t cheaper direct from me

Today, I plan to do other things like plan my new web site, do a critique of a story, and go to Tesco’s. Tonight is my first Spice event of the year, a quiz about 2011. As I neither read newspapers, nor watch the news on TV, I’m not going to be much of an asset to my team, but it’s a night out.

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