Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday Monday, so good to me.

I’ve been trying, on and off, to sell a story to The People’s Friend ever since I started writing fiction, but got precisely nowhere. Now, at last, SUCCESS. I’m delighted. It just proves what I’ve been saying all along – never give up and you WILL get there. That makes my tally so far this year three stories sold to magazines but none written to replace them. Obviously that’s not the ideal state of affairs. I’ve written some fiction this year, but it’s been for competitions. However desperate My Weekly were, they would NOT be interested in the crime story I wrote for the Harrogate competition.
Finding the time is proving difficult. I have several projects I need to work on which, if I’m to make any real progress, take priority over short stories. Some of these projects are – the book I’m working on now (SAVING MY INNER CHILD), a chapter by chapter outline of a book for NAWG, and last but not least, a follow up to the ideas book.
Not only that, now that my lodger is leaving, there’s lots to do to make sure the move goes smoothly. I’m giving him some of my furniture, and all kinds of other bits and pieces to help me make a clean start.
I keep telling myself how much easier it will be to work when he’s not around. Losing his rent will hurt at first, but there are so many benefits to his being gone – no arguments, nobody shouting at me, only myself to clean up after, nobody to make me cry. It’s going to be scary going it alone, but I know, deep down inside that it will be worth it.
Tonight it’s off to play for the quiz league. We are so far bottom it’s embarrassing but it’s a night out. There’s an ONLY CONNECT special on tonight so I’ll have to record it for when I get in. It’s my favourite quiz show, and, IMO, the hardest on TV, so I will NOT be applying to go on it. It’s hidden away on BBC3 or 4 at 8.30 if you’ve never heard of it.

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