Friday, 6 January 2012

Short story day, well almost!

Today is my first dedicated short story day. I got the idea to use my diary to make a fiction writing appointment with myself from Peter Jones’s book. Of course it hasn’t gone as planned.
I started well, drafting a crime story for the Harrogate Festival competition. I had planned to try and draft another but when I went on line to check my emails, there was one from People’s Friend, saying she’d passed another story up the line to the editor, and would I care to tweak another one as she wanted a different ending. I make it a rule that if any editor asks me to work on a story, I drop everything and get on to it straightaway, so that’s what I did.
As I was on line, I thought I might as well send another story to The Weekly News. I found one that looked possible, made it a bit longer as they now prefer stories to be around the 1000–1200 word mark, was about to send it off when it vanished. The page is now blank. This has happened to me before. That time the story magically reappeared when I switched the PC on the next day. I hope that happens again, but it’s so annoying! Earlier my printer wouldn’t print either, so I had to restart everything.
I really need to get out and about amongst some positively energised people. Why does everything take so long to get going again after Christmas? Heydays doesn’t start until the 18th!
I’m going to take a deep breath, see if the story has come back, and if it hasn’t, turn off and try again later.

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