Thursday, 5 January 2012


In another life, I used to be an administrator. You would think that dealing with the paperwork connected to dog boarding would come easily to me! I’ve obviously been away from it for too long. I THINK I’ve done it all right, and haven’t forgotten anything.
It was so good to hear from Louis’s owners last night (my favourite chocolate Labrador) , booking him for both Easter and a week in September. Obviously I will need to find a few more customers to make it worth my while – the licence and insurance don’t come cheap – but I need to take it slowly.
I had a reply from Writers News saying they will run a short piece about the new book (once I have a photo of the cover AND the price!). I’ve more or less figured out how many pages I need on the web site and what will be on them. I can find some photos over the weekend. Tomorrow has been designated a short story day. I haven’t done any fiction writing for months and have, frankly, been putting it off in case my mojo is still AWOL. I’ve been reading HOW TO DO EVERYTHING AND BE HAPPY in which Peter advises using a diary to make appointments, even with yourself, so I’ve taken that one step further and booked in some designated short story days so that I HAVE to get on with it.
Leah, the Samoyed, is sitting by me as I type this. I just took her for a walk. When we reached the end of the road, she heard some fireworks and that was that, she wouldn’t go any further so I brought her back home. She’s obviously still a bit nervous, otherwise she would have gone into the other room to one of her favourite spots, behind the sofa, or curled up against the French door.
I need to stop here and make sure I have things ready for the morning. There’s nothing worse than settling down to write a story when you don’t know what it is you plan to write. A quick flip through my ideas files should do the trick.


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