Saturday, 21 January 2012

My first Boxing Day ( a day late!)

My first ‘Boxing Day’ has been both interesting and unusual. The idea is to do whatever comes into your head, with no planning. I’ve done some work on a story for a comp, put some wallpaper up round a very tricky window in the kitchen,, sorted out a filing cabinet, had a general clean and tidy, changed my Twitter name to writingiseasy ready for the new web site, and I’m not sure what else. I’ll definitely be giving the idea another go next month.
I had a lucky escape today. The one dog I looked after last year that I really didn’t want to take care of again, Molly, her owner called today to see if I’d have her again. Luckily the dates he wanted were both times I was unavailable. One of them happened to be the weekend I’ve just booked to go for Liverpool so that was a lucky, close escape.
Oh and the other thing that happened today – had another argument with John. Mind ou that’s hardly news.
He’s talking to somebody next week who may have somewhere to offer, accommodation–wise – the man I rented a house from for three months when I first moved up here (I rented while I was completing my purchase rather than lose my buyer).
As I’m aching all over (the wallpapering was very very difficult and at full stretch over the sink!), I’m closing down now. I might watch Mastermind, or a film. I’ll just have to see what comes to me. After all, it’s still Boxing Day until midnight.
Tomorrow I’m at a workshop/q and a session with a publisher/bookseller/writer. No idea what to expect but it sounds interesting

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