Monday, 23 January 2012

What a wonderful weekend

I spent Sunday at an amazing workshop called How to attract ad Maintain your Ideal relationship. It ran from 10.30 to 4 and was crammed full of fascinating stuff. It was run by this amazing couple. You could see how connected they were to each other. To write down all that went on would take me all day, so here are some highlights. To demonstrate the power of positive energy, four ordinary women (one of them me), lifted a very solid heavy man out of his chair using two fingers each. It went like this. At first we tried without positive energy and he didn’t budge. I thought, how is this ever going to work? It felt impossible. Then the woman running the workshop made us all say out loud that we could do it, not only that, it was going to be easy, and it was. When we tried again, we were able to lift the man way up in the air with little effort. Another demonstration, this time it’s one I’ve done before, was to work in pairs. Person A holds out an arm and the other person tries to push it down. This is done three times. The first time as a standard, the second time after stating a negative self belief (I used ‘I’m not good enough’ which I don’t really believe anymore, thank goodness). The third time, after saying a positive affirmation which was the opposite of the negative one. The results were spectacular. After saying negative things about ourselves, we all found it much harder to resist the pressure and our arms moved easily, but after the positive talking, my partner couldn’t move my arm at all. Those two demos really did prove to me that positive energy isn’t just a concept, it has power. Of course, the main focus was on relationships. To boil the day down to a nutshell what I learned is this. First, don’t look at people through filters. Put simply that means don’t make assumptions about them, due to previous experiences, or because you have negative beliefs about yourself. One example for me would go like this. Previously I would assume that no man my age, and definitely no man younger than I am would want to date me. I see now know that might not always be the case so my age range for a possible partner has gone from 55– 65 to 40 – 70. Secondly, make sure that your list of things a potential partner must have is as short as possible so that you at least get to meet somebody before ruling them out. Thirdly, you have to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you. There was such a lot more, and I’d so love to share it, but I have to get some work done or starve! If you want to find out more go to or I must end by saying sorry to anyone who’s been waiting to hear from me. I hope to catch up soon.

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