Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy Birthday

Today, January 9th, 2012, my third husband, the one who died at 46, would have been 61. It’s been a long time, 1997, to be precise, but I still like to make the day a bit special.
I worked on the new book until I’d written a thousand words, then went out, just for a wander round the shops. Luck was with me as I found a handbag at half price and in my favourite local clothes shop, Buzz, a dress that was reduced all the way down to £3. I tried it on and it fitted. I think I’ll wear it tonight. I’m playing for the quiz team as others members aren’t available. We’re bottom of the league by a long way so it doesn’t’ matter if I make a mess of all my questions (it’s a HARD quiz!).
When I came back, there was an email from Byker books saying that my book about writing fillers (How to earn £10 in ten minutes) is now for sale on Kindle. I checked and ther it was – 89 pence. A bargain if I say so myself. If anyone is able to spread the word about his book, please please do what you can. There’s no point having the book for sale if nobody knows about it.
The email also gave me the launch date for Radgepacket 6, their latest short story collection in which I have a story. The launch is going to be in Newcastle on the 10th of March. That’s the day Woody and Snoopy go home so I’ll need to speak to their owners and find to when they want to collect them. I could let John, my lodger, hand them back, but I feel it’s better if I can be there. It looks more professional. Once they confirm their booking, I’ll give them a call. I checked the trains to Newcastle and for less than £25, if I book early, I can get there and back in a day, arriving home by about 6p.m.
Overall, it hasn’t been a bad day.
I’m glad I’m needed for the quiz tonight otherwise I would have had to go to the Writers Club instead. That sounds bad, me saying that, but I don’t really enjoy manuscript evenings and those, apart from competition evenings when we hear from the judges, we don’t do anything else – no speakers, no writing exercises, just manuscript evenings. Gareth would much rather I spent his birthday at a pub, answering questions. He did love a pint!


  1. Another milestone passed Linda and you can't beat a bit of retail therapy to cheer you up. Good luck with the book. I don't do online transactions myself, but will spread the word.

  2. Sounds like you've filled Gareth's birthday well. I know what you mean about manuscript evenings - they are the mainstay of my writers' group and they don't inspire me. I had a Kindle for Xmas, so I'm going to investigate your book now.