Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Haggis, The Chase, and another story sale

Life is a roller coaster. I went to Heydays this morning for the writing class and read the dark poem I’d written, but al the feedback she gave to everyone was glowing so I have no idea if it’s any good or not. I did get the impression though that she didn’t think it suitable for the end of term reading. They tend to go for light and frothy rather than dark and deep. I might enter it for a competition and see what happens. The lunch time group had us singing ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, but with people singing the backing parts. It was way too complicated for most people there, not helped by the fact we weren’t divided into high and low voices so people with deep voices had to cope with the top line and vice versa. I’ll se what happens next week before deciding whether to stop. Came back home to my second short story sale in two days. This time to My Weekly. Then it was time to check that John had everything set up OK to record my TV appearance. Despite having days, nay weeks, to work out how to do this, it transpired he still hadn’t bothered so with ten minutes to go, I was not a happy bunny. If I’d been asked to do something for somebody, something that was important to them, I would have at least tried to do it, and if I couldn’t, or made a mess of it, I’d have felt very upset. John hardly seemed to give a damn, and ended up shouting at me (as usual). I could go into a full scale rant about him here, but that’s not going to help me feel better. I just pray that he will find somewhere soon and move out. I really can’t express how much I’m looking forward to it. Anyway, back to the world of TV. Sitting there for an hour, watching a fatter version of me, not winning any money, was oddly weird. They’d edited some of it, so that very long wait while Anne and I both tried to work out a simple sum in our heads was cut down to a few seconds. They also managed to disguise the fact that I wanted to throttle the other woman in the team for taking a thousand pounds off our total. Now that’s out of the way I can start thinking about which show to maybe apply for next. Something a bit less stressful maybe… Tonight is Burns night so I cooked my fist ever haggis. I was neither disappointed nor pleasantly surprised. It was very edible and tasty but for me, it was pretty much like a couple of Brains’ faggots with extra oats (four times as expensive too), But I’m gald I at least tried it. Now to try and find a decent drop of whisky.

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  1. I watched The Chase tonight and thought you came over very well. I would never have the nerve to go on something like that, so am admiring of your courage!

    Well done on the sales, too.