Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Sunday

Dogs are funny.
I was a bit unsure about having Leah to stay this time as previously she came as a package of 2, the other being the spaniel, Milo, who I feel in love with but who died in the summer. For the first three days she spent 90% of the time asleep, didn’t each much, and didn’t bark once. Her trick is to bark when she wants something and you have to guess what it is, treat, bonio, a walk, the garden, whatever.
When she was here with Milo I couldn’t use my Wii machine as it upset them. I played the Wii fit yesterday with no problems but today when I challenged John to a few games of tennis, Leah suddenly became animated, leaping about and barking. We had to stop playing.
Feeding her is still a challenge as she turns up her nose at most of the food she’s meant to eat. She’s perfectly happy to help me with my cold meat at lunch time and other left overs. I bought special food from the butcher, it looked rather like anaemic cooked minced beef. To tempt her to try it, I put some on a spoon as though it was my food, and offered it to her. That got her interest. Tonight she had a tin of sardines.
Didn’t get far with her walk this evening. I think somebody must be letting fireworks off somewhere or another. I couldn’t hear them, but I’m guessing that’s what it was.
Now she’s gone back into her usual ‘standby’ inert mode. I forgive her. She IS old.
I’m signing off soon to go and watch Sherlock. I thought last week’s was very good, so here’s hoping this one is too.
Writing–wise I finished my Harrrogate Crime entry, and two short stories for a fun competition with my on line writers group, theme cherry blossom!
I think my crime story is very good. Sadly, it’s not my opinion that counts!!!!
Almost forgot, I also made a batch of 18 cranberry and cherry buns!

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