Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A good day

Today Heydays started again. I went along to the creative writing to see who the tutor was and what she had planned for term. I’m not sure what I think yet – will have to give it another week before deciding whether to switch to play reading. It was nice to see old friends and to catch up with what’s been going on.
I’d been given a place on one of the lunchtime events which billed itself as being about musical performance. So far it’s all been about singing, but again I’ll have to give it another session before making up my mind. UI managed to talk to Nicky about promoting the new book. She’s going to put up a small poster and see if there’s a slot one lunchtime when I can answer questions, talk about the book and so on.
When I got home, there was a message waiting from Leah’s owners saying I could take her home any time I was ready, so I asked John for a ride and took her back straightaway. They were very happy to see her in such good condition and gave me a bottle of wine as a bonus – French too, as the first. Once Leah had gone, I only had time to hoover up the worst of the hairs before heading off to a new writing group. It’s called east Leads Writers and is held in a nearby library. I had no idea what to expect so was very happy to discover that I know the man running it. He’s Peter Spafford, the man I met at East Leeds FM when I read a story on air and later took part in his readathon. I’d sent him an email a few days ago asking if he could give me some airtime for the ideas book. It turns out that he’s more than happy to do that for me so as soon as I have a launch date, a price and a cover, all I have to do is get in touch. The group itself was small, which is good, well balanced (in other words no one person took over), well organised and generally my cup of tea. It’s only once a month so I can find a way to squeeze it into my diary.
Overall, it’s been a successful, though tiring, day, even though I haven’t actually done any writing.

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