Thursday, 19 January 2012

Feeling stressed

I’ve been feeling a bit stressed. Now I know (fingers crossed) that John's going to leave once he’s found somewhere else to live, I'm finding having him here even more annoying/distracting/upsetting than ever.
I also remember only too well when I got rid of him before. I became very depressed living by myself and although I ALMOST know for CERTAIN that I'll be happier without him, it’s still scary (I lose the car too - I don't drive).
It's going to be hard but it's something I have to do for me.
Today I managed to finish the five tasks attached to the creative Competitor week long writing challenge and sent them in early to get them out of the way. I’m out on Saturday and Sunday, so wouldn’t have time then and tomorrow is my first BOXING DAY. The idea is to have one day a month when you do whatever you feel like at the time. No planning allowed. You can find out more about Boxing days by reading Peter Jones’ motivational book HOW TO DO EVERYTHING AND BE HAPPY.
I also squeezed in my cryptic crossword class. One of the highlights of my week. Plus I bught a new shelf unit which matches rather than clashes the others in the living room. It was a bargain but boy was it heavy to carry home.
Tonight, I want to sort out some of my paperwork. I AM NOT ORGANISED enough and I’m fed up searching for things (like my PLR reference number/passwords/blog sites, etc etc etc etc. I need to make a LONG list of things to do, with everything I can think of written down, then choose the 3 (only three) to work on first. Again this comes from Peter’s book which has become one of my bibles.
Now to get on with it.

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