Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday, day one of a busy weekend

Today I met Phil Caplan of Scratching Shed publishers, and director of independent bookshop, Philip Howard (Rotherham, and Roundhay Leeds). He ran a q and a session for Leeds Writers. It was great. He was positive, and talked such a lot of sense. I asked if he’d do a book launch for me and he said YES, so that’s one problem neatly solved.
I learned a lot, mainly about the value of books as opposed to their cost.
Since I found out that my book would be ready for sale sooner than I’d expected, I’ve felt as though I’ve been running round in circles. After meeting Phil, I feel I’ve finally got somewhere. I’m already starting to get excited.
Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day in Sheffield, attending an all day workshop on attracting (and maintaining ) the perfect relationship. If it’s half as good as the blurb, it will be BRILLIANT. Even if it isn’t, there has to be a story in there somewhere.

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