Friday, 22 July 2011


Today, Woody the miniature dachshund and Snoopy the black Labrador arrived.
It was chaos.
Woody managed to find a small gap in the fence round the pond. I went to get him, and of course, Snoopy followed me. He jumped straight into the water.
Once his owner had left, I found something to block the gap. They were so excited Woody kept having tiny accidents. Then Snoopy decided to have a big one – must have been at least a pint. Thank goodness for laminate flooring.
As often happens when new dogs arrived, I started to wonder why I boarded dogs! After a couple of hours they began to settle down a bit. Snoopy likes to have fun. I don’t think he has much of a brain, but Woody is more sensitive. He’s had to have plenty of cuddles. Of course, if I cuddle him, Snoopy wants his share too.
Before they arrived, I’d just finished a Christmas story for Take a Break. Somehow, I also managed to finish another one later so I was able to send two off. I’m going to stay in Christmas mode all weekend and see where I am after that. .
I haven’t heard from Duncan. He was meant to call e this week to arrange a meeting, but he seems to have chickened out. I’ll see if I can bear to wait a bit longer then send him an email.
Right now I feel pretty much bushed. It’s surprising how tiring the mental effort of writing stories can be. As it keeps trying to rain, I’ll probably give the garden a miss tonight, and crash out. I haven’t done that for several days so it will make a nice change.
If I’m lucky, Woody might give me a cuddle.

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