Friday, 1 July 2011

Being brave

Today a man came and fitted blinds to part of the conservatory roof. Before he arrived I reached the end of the book about Mum. I then had to decide what to do with it – leave it where it was, publish it on Lulu, or try and find an agent. It didn’t take long to decide on option 2. That way I can have the book for sale when I give talks, go to festivals etc, and one day the right person will get to read it, want to publish it and bingo….
Once that’s sorted ( it will take me another few days to get the book laid out as I want it on Lulu) I can get on with revising my novel. I’m giving myself until Swanwick to do that, so that once again, I can have it with me……..
I was very brave today. I contacted four of the five men who left messages as a result of my Lonely Hearts Ad. The fifth one didn’t answer his phone. Of the four, one is probably a no straightaway. I’m not that bothered about looks or age, but I am bothered about intelligence and I don’t think he fits the bill. I’ve asked him to write as that’s often a good way to check that kind of thing.
The second one sounded good, but he’s not on email so no chance to easily swap photos. He said he’d ring when he was in Leeds and we could meet up. The third again seemed nice but his photo when he emailed wasn’t flattering. It was more his clothes than his looks. Which leads me to number four. A surveyor, tall, rich and out of my league. He’s looking for the kind of woman I would describe as high maintenance – good clothes, makeup, manicures, etc. I have terrible clothes, don’t like wearing loads of make up and have never had a manicure in my life. He gave me his email address so I’ll drop him a line in a day or so, but I’m not confident. I’ve always aimed low with my men. I don’t think I know how to aim high, but I haven’t given up completely, not yet anyway. And I still have number 5 to speak to.
After lunch I indulged my love of Wimbledon and watched the men’s semi finals. I’m now rooting for Djovic (I’ve spelt that wrong I know) as he has such passion and such wonderful hair. I get the urge to stroke it whenever I see him.
Tomorrow I’m off to the West Yorkshire Playhouse for the Big Sing. Then I’m going to Operating Theatre which is a quick look at operating the lights and sounds for the theatre.
I might try to get to Millennium Square for the food but will have to see how my legs and the weather hold out.

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