Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sales Boost

It’s amazing the boost a couple of sales can give you.
This morning I sold a story to Australia, second rights, for more than I sold it originally which was great. I just had time to send off the invoice before heading off to The West Yorkshire Playhouse for a drama workshop. I had such a good time. Working in a large group, with all kinds of people putting in their tuppence worth. Somehow it all came together. Much of it was improvisation which I really enjoy. I’d like to join the group but they meet on a Tuesday and I can’t afford the time. I’ll see how things look in a few months.
Before I set off, I came up with 2 vague ideas for Christmas stories. Now I need to work on those and see if I can round them out. What I’d really like to do is go to sleep. Thanks to being depressed, social interaction wears me out. I had intended to go to Spice Leeds tonight as they have a prospective new members night, but I didn’t want to miss the drama session. The weather is dreadful too, so that’s scuppered Spice again (sorry Helen). I WILL get there soon, I promise, but right now I need to put work first. Tomorrow is crosswords and on Friday, the two dogs arrived, plus I want some time put aside for when Duncan gets in touch. He’s the next Lonely Heart I plan to meet, so fingers crossed that it will be third time lucky.

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  1. Linda
    I agree with you about the boost that getting a sale gives you! I had a story accepted today (just 2 weeks since I sent it to them) from Woman's Weekly. And it was a story that I didn't have 100% confidence in (I thought it was perhaps a bit too 'young' for them). But there you go! I've been on a high all day! Don't worry about Spice - you'll get there in the end, I'm sure!! Helen