Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Therapy and WI

Another hot day, but with a showery twist.
I went to see the CBT therapist this morning. After an hour, she decided that it might work for me, and so I’m seeing her again, same time next week.
I made myself sit down and write something this afternoon. I wont know how good it is until it’s typed up, but at least I wrote a story.
On my way home this morning I bought a painting by numbers kit from a charity shop which has water based oil paints. I spent 20 minutes doing lot sof fiddly black bits. My thinking, if I do some painting by numbers I might allow myself to spend time doing some ‘proper’ painting. It’s also a good way to have a go at water based oils and see how they work.
Now to get ready for tonight. John is dropping me off but he’s going out so it will have to be a taxi home. There’s only one bus an hour and I don’t fancy hanging about with the weather so unsettled. As the WI are paying me a fee, I won’t be out of pocket.

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