Thursday, 14 July 2011

Caught out

The workshop at Ripon Yarns went very well. It was hard work, mainly because it was the first time I’d done a whole day’s workshop on my own. When it was over, I felt shattered, but happy. I know I can do it now.
Today didn’t start as planned. I was expecting two dogs to be delivered between 8 and 9, so when the bell rang at 7.15, I wasn’t dressed, let alone ready to receive visitors. My lodger had, apparently, been told about the time change but hadn’t passed the information on. So there I was, still drowsy, having to wake up pretty fast in order to take in all the info about feeding, walking, habits and so on with two greyhounds dashing about exploring the house and their owners looking bemused because I wasn’t dressed.
The dogs seem to have settled already which is good. Ted, the fawn one, looks like his colour. When he’s stretched out on the floor he could be a small deer. He’s big enough too.

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